Mendritzki Goes Green

Reduction of CO2 emissions


Green Steel

We use SALCOS as raw material


Green Processing

Green gas, green electricity and heat recovery



E-forklifts and reused gloves



A new system on the roof of our plant



Electrification of the company car fleet

Our Green System

Eco gas, eco power and heat recovery

The Mendritzki group was quitre early in choosing the green steel SALCOS as a solution to the biggest problem – the raw material. In addition, we use eco gas and eco electrical power since January 2021.

But that is by far not all …

With the „PIUS“ Project in Plettenberg plant II we have committed ourselves to a production integrated environmental protection.

Electricity is to be generated by heat recovery from the annealer. In addition, our production halls are to be heated in winter and air conditioned in summer. This way, we are able to save electricity and gas.


1.250 MWh

Reduction of electricity per year


650 MWh

Reduction of gas per year

Green production line

“Green Washing”


We use E-forklifts in our productionline – with a capacity of 12,5 to and 8,75 to.

Also, our work gloves are being cleaned up to five times instead of being disposed of. This way, we save around 25.000 gloves per year and secure less
hazardous waste.

Photovoltaic Systems

Battery Back


With a photovoltaic system on the roof of our plant we generate an electricity of approximately 600 MWh per year. Starting at the end of 2022, 91% of the electricity will be used by the 24/7 operation of our own annealing shop.

On the Move

Green Mobility


We are constantly improving the electrification of the company car fleet.

Electrical vehicles are subsidized by Mendritzk and we offer our employees to buy e-bikes at favorable conditions in cooperation with “Jobrad”.

42 wallboxes are installed for charging electrical vehicles and there are also possibilities to charge the e-bikes in our plant.