Premium Knives

Solutions for every requirement

Technological Lead

We manufacture knives and blades for the use in agriculture, forestry and municipal industries as well as for the tyre and recycling industry.

Knives for agriculture, forestry and municipal demands

Machine knives for the tyre and recycling industry

  • MWS Straw Chopper Knives
  • MWS Cutter Blades
  • MWS Fingers
  • MWS Rotary Mower Blades
  • MWS Knife Holders
  • MWS Chopper Knives
  • MWS Counter Cutters
  • MWS Winnowing Shovels
  • MWS Forage Wagon Knives
  • MWS Baler Knives
  • MWS Seed Mixer Knives
  • MWS Wood Cutting Knives and Counter Blades
  • MWS Lawnmower Blades
  • MTV Steel Cord Knives
  • MTV Textile Cord Knives
  • MTV Piston Swords
  • MTV Shredding Knives
  • MTV Rotor Knives
  • MTV Stator Blades