This sharpens our knives

Technologies for premium quality

Construction and tool engineering

  • Our modern construction department develops
    and constructs tools and new tools to be used in the manufacturing of individual knives.
  • The tool making is performed inhouse, too, so that we can adapt flexibly to our clients’ demands and wishes.

Heat and surface treatment

  • We perform special heat treatments in our own hardening shop.
  • According to the requirements we apply treatments like case hardening, heat treatment, bainitic hardening, inductive hardening, carbonitriding, sandblasting, black finishing, bondering and powder coating


  • Our coating processes result in wear-resistant coatings with layer thicknesses of 0,1 to 10 mm.
  • Large quantities of these can be coated in our systems (laser, plasma and flame spraying units).

Thermal flame spraying

  • With the technique of thermal flame spraying we can process powder-, wire-, string- and bar-shaped additive materials and spray them on component surfaces to increase the wear resistance.

Plasma Powder Welding

  • This technique metallurgically bonds a protective layer with the base material. Thus, wear-resistant hard coatings are applied to increase the knives’ endurance.

Laser build-up welding

  • Laser coating increases the components’ stability.
  • It results in an increased hardness and toughness, a change in the surface structure, more compressive stress of the surface or an applied protective layer.