Customized coils

Quality non-stop

Receipt of primary material [hot-rolled strip]

  • material analysis and dimensional inspection

Slitting line [rotary slitter knives]

  • Ideal split division of the coil / precondition for an economic and process-reliable manufacturing

Shears [rotary slitter knives]

  • Material thicknesses of 1,0 to 12,0 mm; material widths of 30 to 650 mm.
  • Finishing via rotary slitter knives cutting systems
  • Influencing feathering, cutting edge or camber via the clearance between the cutter blades, line tension, cut division or circulation speed of the cutter block

Rolls [duo and quatro rolling-mill]

  • Material thicknesses of 1,0 to 13,5 mm; Material widths of 30 to 650 mm
  • Manufacturing of parallelogram and trapezoidal profiles
  • Edge processing via rounding
  • Textured surfaces [Ra von 0,1 – 1,8 μ]
  • Interaction of controlling factors like rolling pressure, roll bending, rolling reduction degree, rolling speed, stitch sequence and line tension.
  • Controlling and adjusting of – among other things –
    evenness, wedge position, strip thickness and swords by using latest measurement technology

Levelling | Cutting-to-length

  • Material thicknesses of 1,5 to 12,0 mm; material widths of 30 to 725 mm; bar lengths of 750 to 8000 mm
  • superimposition of alternating rolling works and tensile stresses / Considerable improvement of the evenness

Quality management

  • Examination of the mechanical-technological properties and of the chemical analysis
  • Metallographic analysis of the microstructure
  • Guarantee of the reproducibility of all process parameters relevant to the customer


  • Heat treatment via H2 batch annealing [ring outer diameter max. 2.000 mm]
  • Selective adjustment of the microstructure after the roll forming
  • Increase in toughness and formability
  • Adjustment of the specified mechanical-technological properties

Levelling [finishing roll]

  • Shaping the surface quality, material thickness, strip position and mechanical properties via an ideal combination of various influencing factors

Shipping | Logistics

  • Cooperation with certified freight forwarders [national and international]
  • Ideal protection against transport and weather damage through a conscious use of resources
  • Authorised economic operato [AEO]