We stand for precision

Mendritzki Precision Parts

Precision Parts

Decades of experience in the fi eld of processing steel as well as our service concept, flexible delivery performance and technical progress have made us a strategic and reliable partner to our customers. The expansion and strengthening of our locations in Germany as well as the procurement at mainly regional resources is our approach concerning quality and sustainability.

Zero Defect Policy

With continuous investments in our quality management and production processes we are working continuously on analyzing and optimizing our processes and products. This not only allows us to ensure a reproducible and outstanding quality for the highest of demands but also to take corrective measures at any time, if needed.

Components according to individual requirements

At present, we produce precision parts for numerous applications in the automotive, construction and textile industries at four locations.

We optimize our competencies in fine blanking, stamping and forming by being an integral part of the Mendritzki Group value chain. Covering our own steel strip up to ready-to-mount components we provide custom solutions which meet all demands on the products to be manufactured. Supplemented by the inhouse tool development and production as well as the use of special heat treatments we guarantee the successful implementation of our customers’ individual product requirements.

  • We produce high precision parts in our sites in Remscheid, Zella-Mehlis, Schmalkalden and Marienheide.
  • Our own tool development and production as well as the option to perform necessary heat treatments inhouse increase the reliability for our partners.
  • Our competence in milling and turning further processing and our know-how in the assembly and subassembly development (e. g. riveting and welding) complete our portfolio.
  • Continuous improvement of our quality management systems certified to ISO/TS 16949 and VDA 6 increases both our internal and external flexibility as well as the quality of our products and processes.
  • Our cooperation with professional institutes and universities makes a positive contribution to technical progress.
  • Our high occupational safety standards are imperative; we respect applicable legal frameworks and international standards and regard them as a minimum standard.
  • For us, it is a matter of course to invest in preventive maintenance and investment measures in our facilities and machines.
  • Environmental protection, the responsible use of resources and the efficient use of energies are of great importance to us. Thus, we are certified to ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.
  • We process steel strip on 14 fi ne blanking machines with a capacity of 250 up to 1.400t and possess progressive and transfer systems with a capacity of 125 up to 1.200t.