Core competence stamping industry

Application of highly precise components

Mendritzki material can be found in various stamped parts – form furniture hinges to collar bushings and shift forks.

  • deep-drawing parts, furniture hinges, washers, sealing washers, distance shims, Oil pump covers, deep-drawing body components, tank funnels, fork heads
  • seat adjuster, backrest adjuster, safety belt components, rear panels and brake lining fan for braking systems, components for weaving machines, pressure vessels, engine mounts, door components
  • fine-blanked parts, drawn parts and cold-formed parts, studs, garden claw, seat adjuster, backrest adjuster, bolts, racks, pump trips
  • stamping parts, chain plates, chain links, mower knives, brush knives, saw blades, chain saw bars, shift forks, locking systems, seat harness buckle components
  • clutch plates, gear components, saws, knives, membrane springs, lawn mower knives, circular saws, axial bearings, switching rails, steering couplings