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The cold rolling mill Reinhold Mendritzki Kaltwalzwerk in Plettenberg has been producing cold rolled steel strip for almost 50 years now. The cold rolling mill is the heart of the Mendritzki group and also its largest company which is today present in 6 locations with more than 700 employees and a turnover of more than 200 million euros.

Core Competencies

The cold rolling mill Reinhold Mendritzki Kaltwalzwerk supplies the automotive and the automotive supply industry with more than 80 % of its products. Our core competences include especially the new technical developments and further refinements of special products. These fulfill the special requirements of our clients far beyond the known guidelines.

Solutions for individual requirements

In the production of steel strip we realize innovate new products in cooperation with our clients on a regular basis. Every assignment is accompanied by our employees of the quality, planning and production departments to ensure an exact implementation of the individual requirements in regard to the steel strip.

Our products are manufactured under consideration of the client’s surface requirements, the often narrowly specified mechanical-technological properties with manufacturing tolerances far below the usual standards.