“Man is not the creature of circumstances, circumstances are the creatures of men.”

Benjamin Disraeli

Environment and energies

An efficient resource management and the deliberate and careful contact with energies is of high concern to us. Our objective ist to optimize resource application and to avoid environmental pollution. Waste should be minimized to keep the specific energy consumption constant or to reduce it. It is our challenge to keep pace with the growing demands of higher quality products while at the same time keeping the costs competitive.

The responsibility in terms of energy, environmental and resource protection of every single of our employees is determined in various functions and organization units and is promoted throughout the company. The conversion is incumbent upon the executives, while they derive suitable objectives and supervise whose achievement. Our executives ensure the implementation by deriving objective targets and controlling their attainment.

The main focus in this regard are the demands of energy application and energy consumption as well as the application of environmentally sound materials and technologies.

The enterprises of the Mendritzki group also try to influence the business partners for the purposes of the enterprise politics. Our energy and enviromental concerns must be considered by all partners working on our working areas.

The companies of the Mendritzi group also try to make the business partners aware of our environmental policies. Our approach to energy and environmental concerns has to be obtained by every partner working on our industrial premises.

We are certified to ISO 50.001. Our environmental management system according to ISO 14.001 is on its way or is already certificated in our business unit precision parts.