“We are dedicated to be a reliable, efficient and successful company to our clients and employees.”


  • Our employees are motivated, act independently and identify with the company.
  • We are dedicated to an open, honest and fair communication at all levels.
  • We endorse the performance principle, we both support and challenge our employees and support entrepreneurial thinking and action.


  • Our financial independence leads to short decision-making processes and fast responses.
  • Our actions contribute to the long-term, sustainable success of the company.
  • We grow steadily with our clients worldwide by means of solution-orientated developments.


  • Our clients are the focus in all our actions.
  • We stand for maximum flexibility, liability and outstanding quality.
  • The successful partnership with our clients is based on sustainable action and management.


  • We continuously learn and improve.
  • We set high standards of quality and safety and respect legal frameworks at any time.
  • We act in a cost-conscious and resource-saving manner.