Core competence automotive application

Our steel rides along

Mendritzki material can be found in automobiles in the form of various complex fine blanked and stamped parts as well as distance shims and disc springs.

1 gear components

2 clutch components

3 locking system

4 oil pump cover

5 brake lining fan

6 safety belt

7 wheel suspension

8 seat adjuster

9 backrest adjuster

10 body components

1 gear components · 2 clutch components · 3 locking system · 4 oil pump cover · 5 brake lining fan · 6 safety belt · 7 wheel suspension · 8 seat adjuster · 9 backrest adjuster · 10 body components

Advantages of fine blanking

We increase your productivity

  • Exact cold forming and precisely defined annealing
    parameters ensure ideal fine blanking grades
  • Fine blanking enables the realization of complex workpieces
  • Economic advantages as a post-molding
    treatment of the workpieces is no longer necessary
  • The results exhibit a more precise dimensional accuracy as well as improved surface and flatness values
  • The workpieces exhibit smooth cutting surfaces
    due to edges free of tears and chips [=functional edges]