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Your reliable partner in fine blanking since 1964

fine blanking by specialists
finova Feinschneidtechnik GmbH stands for high professional competence, innovative processes and tool development as well as for a fast ability to respond. Our business philosophy is based on customer satisfaction and cost-conscious operation. This as well as our high internal quality standards and environmental concerns with a developmental focus make us a reliable and strong partner.

Benefit from our know-how in the earliest product development process by making us your partner for on-site development support. A long-term, innovative quality policy and the effort to continuously optimize products and processes are an integral part of our corporate strategy.


  • Foundation of Dako Dowidat in in RS-Lüttringhausen – Germany
  • Production of pipe tools


  • Investment in fineblanking machines
  • First German company to produce office equipment


  • Management buy-out of fineblanking department
  • Production of pipe tool department bought by Gedore


  • Change of name to finova Feinschneidtechnik GmbH
  • Start with 32 employees


  • Moving to new plant in RS- Bergisch Born
  • Partial implementation of material flow to the production


  • Acquisition and integration into the group by Reinhold Mendritzki Kaltwalzwerk GmbH & Co KG


  • Increasing in-house production depth


  • Investment in highly automated deburring technology at the location Wermelskirchen

We got the in-house know-how
Our design department creates 3D designs using the latest hardware and software by SolidWorks. Data formats such as IGES, STEP, DXF and others can be sent and processed via electronic data exchange.

Tool Shop
The construction of tools and the assembly of new tools are carried out in-house in our own production-accompanying tool shop. This way we can respond flexibly, with know-how and short reaction times to the requirements and wishes of our customers.

State-of-the-art measuring and testing methods

  • 3-D measuring machines
  • Conturograph
  • Keyence Digital Coordinate Measuring System
  • Surface measuring appliances
  • Production-accompanying test equipment
  • CAQ system


Core competence fine blanking

Effective processes for demanding components and assemblies
As a specialist in fine blanking and due to our particular know-how, we are able to apply the fine blanking technology in a particularly effective and economical way. As a result of the fine blanking process we supply high-quality parts and assemblies including every surface finishing. We offer you a comprehensive process know-how for component design, the realization of complex components thanks to our own tool development as well as a modern, economical production and flexibility.

In addition to the design and manufacturing of fine blanking tools, we also offer design consulting, fine blanking, forming, hard and soft turning, pointing (clutch bodies) and precision grinding. Our portfolio also includes heat treatments, surface finishing, joining techniques, plastic jacketing and deburring techniques – each service carried out in cooperation with high-performance partners.

Even more precise, even better
In the fine blanking process – in contrast to other cutting and punching processes – triple-action presses ensure more precise dimensional accuracy, improved surface and flatness values, as well as tear-free and cut-free edges of the workpieces. The economical technique allows for the simultaneous forming of components; thus, a time-consuming reworking of the workpieces is no longer required.


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For the production of high-precision parts we currently use 14 fineblanking machines from 280 to 1,400 t which can process material thicknesses up to 14 mm and even cut helical gear products with highest quality – 7 of these machines (with 280 to – 700 t) are available at our plant in Remscheid. Through targeted cold forming and precisely defined annealing parameters, the Mendritzki strip steel plants supply the ideal base material for the production of the specific components.

Economical and efficient deburring
In addition to the classic barrel finishing grinding process, we use automated belt grinding and brushing processes. No matter how components have to be deburred, we offer the right technology. In addition to the classic processes such as belt grinding, brushing or barrel finishing, we use highly automated systems that – particularly with large quantities – combine high efficiency with maximum process reliability through guaranteed double-sided machining. This allows us to deburr small and large components just as efficiently as prototypes and large series.

Belt grinding / brushing
We are known for a high level of expertise in the automated deburring of magnetic components with a maximum size of approx. 60 mm x 60 mm. A manual insert and hand pick for “large parts” is possible, too. The position detection and positioning of the components is performed efficiently and precisely thanks to a camera system with a turning station. This way, we can process components with a partial thickness between 2 mm and 7 mm. The maximum throughput is 10,000 parts per hour up to a size of 40 mm x 40 mm. The fully automatic feeding of the raw parts and the palletizing of the finished product by robot makes finova even more efficient.

Economical and precise for high volumes
In the process of double-face grinding components are ground to thickness on both sides and very precisely. The workpieces are successively inserted through the grinding wheels by means of a transport disk. A huge advantage: with the technique of double-face grinding – also called disc grinding – workpieces in large quantities can be reworked economically.
The CNC-controlled surface grinding machines, such as the double-surface grinding machines, are characterized by highest accuracy in the micrometer range and by the ability to cope with high allowances. Double-face grinding results in high surface qualities and defined surfaces.

We specialize in the production of toothed clutch discs, which we sharpen and process using state-of-the-art CNC technology. Modern control and labeling systems ensure traceable and error-free components. We have 5 ultra modern plants for sharpening / demarcating, which exhibit – among other things – position-oriented loading and in-process measuring systems.

When it comes to precise components with smallest tolerances, finova is the right choice. We combine modern automatic turning machines to further process semi-finished parts with individual measuring and testing technology and, thus, ensure safe processes. In addition to the driven tools, our lathes also feature automated loading and unloading as well as partly in-process measuring systems.

We also offer various heat treatment processes in cooperation with our partners. These include quenching and case hardening in multi-purpose chamber furnaces, bainitic hardening in salt bath continuous flow systems, distortion-free hardening in quench hardening plants, inductive hardening and annealing.

For surface refinement, we rely on partners who specialize in corrosion and wear protection processes such as KTL coating, Zi|Ni coating and phosphating. Powder coatings can be applied to the workpieces in every desired RAL color.

Often, only the proper combination of steel and plastic makes the right product. In addition to high-precision steel components, we also supply these as hybrid components with plastic – and just as precisely. For this we work together with strong partners from our network. There are virtually no limits to the choice of materials, not even for fiber-reinforced plastics.


Fine blanking parts for a wide variety of industries

Precise, ready-to-install fine blanking components in large series
finova Feinschneidtechnik GmbH stands for fine-cutting parts of the highest precision and quality. From locking systems to seat adjustments and gearboxes to helical gearing – we manufacture precision parts for the automotive industry. But our fine blanking components are also used in a variety of ways in the non-automotive sector.


Industry-specific solutions

Automotive and Non-Automotive
The complex fineblanking parts of finovacan be found in a variety of industries. Due to our specialization in the automotive industry our products are for example used as components in the transmission, engine, window lift or air conditioning sector.

Our fine blanking parts are in great demand in the non-automotive sector, too. For example, in the electrical and mechanical engineering industry, in the construction industry and in the textile and construction industries.

Application examples automotive

1. Gearbox components engine compartments
2. Clutch components
3. Locking system
4. Oil pump cover
5. Brake lining fan
6. Safety belt
7. Wheel suspension
8. Seat adjusters
9. Backrest adjusters
10. Body components
11. Window regulators

Sector examples non-automotive

  • Electrical industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Fittings industry
  • Textile industry
  • Construction industry
  • Medical

Application example construction industry
Precise fine blanking parts are used to ensure the necessary stability of scaffolding in the construction industry. You can find finova components in almost every scaffolding to ensure that you can move safely on and under the scaffolding.

Application example textile industry
finova components can be found in many machines in the textile industry. They ensure a fail-safe and long-lasting function through selected materials and high accuracies.


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